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MCG Premium Sleeves – Shipping Status

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  1. “Hi,
    I placed an order on Sunday, Dec 24 2017 12:20PM and it is currently On Hold.
    How can i get more information about the status of this order?
    Kind Regards, Heinze”

    • “Hi Heinze,
      We were expecting new sleeves stock to arrive and now we have it.
      We we will start shipping the online orders around mid January
      starting with the older ones and keep moving. Normally we send
      updates but I bet you missed the last one cause you placed the
      order recently.”

  2. “HI there,

    Place an order on 10Jan17. Just wondering what sort of time frame I should be expecting with regards to delivery?

    Many thanks


    • “Hi Brett,
      many thanks for choosing our sleeves. We start shipping next week the online order starting from the older ones. We were taking pre-orders since September.
      In which country are you located?”

      • “I’m in Australia”

        • “Hello,

          Could I please get a status update on my order #5049

          It is still saying “processing””

          • “Hi there,
            please be patient as we still ship old orders.
            Specific we have old orders after our KS campaign we must complete those first.
            We have your order processing cause we add it in the system. When we change it
            to complete it means we send the order to the warehouse and they arrange to ship it out.
            We work as fast as possible.”

  3. “Hello,

    I bought the sleeves in the kickstarter in december 2016 and I am still waiting for my sleeves. Wtf?”

  4. “Hi!

    I would like to request for an update regarding an order I placed via your store last December 7 with order# 4776.

    Thank you in advance!


    • “Hi John,
      and many thanks for ordering our sleeves. We prepare update and we will send it
      via email within the weekend. Keep any eye on spam too in any case.”

  5. “Ok. We prepare full update and we will send it via email, so you will receive it. Don’t worry for your order.”

  6. “So, where are the KS sleeves? Did the people who ordered on your website get their sleeves before the KS people?”

    • “If you backer from KS, please check out the last update we sent on KS.
      As for the website there are orders equally old as the KS we must + there are backers who have also add more sleeves through the shop.
      We do not make mistakes on what we ship out.”

  7. “Hi there,
    Just wondering is it possible to cancel a pre order? Thanks”

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