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Full Kickstarter Updates and deliveries!

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  1. “I just read your ‘Full Kickstarter Updates and deliveries!’ report and am a little worried. I am a late backer for your card sleeves and am wondering if you still have my order number and what I had ordered (because you had problems with being hacked and had Paypal issues):

    Order #: MAGE-801306

    Do you still have this order?

    Thank you for your time.
    Skye Williams.”

    • “Hi Skye
      do not worry. I have your order and your info.
      IN fact as we speak I prepare email lists so I can send the updates to all customers.
      Your email address is the one I see in your account?”

  2. “Hello ! I asked for my order (Kickstarter sleeves) to be sent by GameQuest last november. I had no news since. I would appreciate an update on my sleeves. Thank you.”

  3. “Anything yet? I have neither heard anything, nor received anything. Also, I need to verify the address you have for me.”

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