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Short update for open pledges and orders

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  1. “Can you provide another update? The last one is over a month old.”

    • “We don’t have new update yet. At the moment among the things we are working is that we send tracking numbers for the pending sleeve orders with parcels 2kg +.
      Priority at the moment is to close the remaining sleeve orders and the remaining items for bedtime stories.”

  2. “Is there any news on the 12 Realms: Bedtime Story kickstarter from 2015? I still have received only about half of my pledge, and the last update once again promising delivery was back in January. Now I find this article from July indicating that only half have been shipped and you’re working on other projects? Is there any accurate estimate for when this will be shipped?”

    • “We have mentioned in several of our updates that we are working parallel to close our open KS projects, we can’t leave the people without progress.
      Right now I dispatch some sleeves orders and we will close bedtime stories next. I have finished packing spare parts etc. After essen spiel we schedule an update for all projects.”

  3. “Is Dungeonland now cancelled? It has been over a year since any updates nor delivery with expectations of productions in March 2019.”

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