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Cohort Tournament

Model of the World Ranking of The Cohort

Assuming 8 players participate  in the tournament. We will play 2 rounds tournament. Inside parenthesis we have put the number of cohorts that the players have completed. As more players play the tournament as more points will be given during the gameplay.

October Tournament of The Cohort


A match      

1-Pablo Gómez 5 points (3)

2-Egoitz Campo 4 points (2)

3-Darlyn Mendoza 3 points (2)

4-Daniel Barrientos 2 points (2)

5-Ander López 1 point (2)


World Ranking of The Cohort

Classification for the World Ranking of The Cohort
PositionPlayerMatchesWinCompleted CohortsRanking PointsNation
1Egoitz Campo2464963Basque Country
2Imanol García1111827Basque Country
3Ivan Sánchez51716Basque Country
4Julen Maestro41815Basque Country
5Darlyn Mendoza521015Basque Country
6Nerea Urkijo40610Basque Country
7Emanuel Da Silva31610Brasil
8Ander López31610Basque Country
0Lisandra Cruz2158Basque Country
10Mónica Moral 2158Basque Country
11Pablo Gomez2157Valencia Community
12Xabier Hurtado3166Basque Country
13David Montfulleda2156Basque Country
14Felipe Haase2146Basque Country
15Unai Castellano2046 Basque Country
16Diego Álvarez2136Basque Country
17Iker Pardo1026Basque Country
18Jacob Rodríguez2145Basque Country
19Jon Cousillas2045Basque Country
20Glemny Aquino1135Dominican Republic
21Sandra Cobo1135Basque Country
22Jorge Sánchez2035Basque Country
23Tomas Beriashvili2054Georgia
24Daniel Barrientos2044Basque Country
25Guille Delgado2044Basque Country
26Diego Borneo1134Venezuela
27Iñigo1134Basque Country
28Marta Martínez1134Basque Country
29Pablo Perez1134Basque Country
30Jon Ander Gil 2024Basque Country
31Mikel Bizkaia1124Basque Country
32Maite Urkijo1024Basque Country
33Eder Mago1133Basque Country
34Lisandra Cruz1133Basque Country
35Ainhoa Lafuente1023Basque Country
36David Avilez1023Basque Country
37Javier1023Basque Country
38Garikoitz Casquero1013Basque Country
39Julen San Antón1013Basque Country
40Kepa Sánchez1013Basque Country
42JM Cardo1022Basque Country
43Jon Rozas1022Basque Country
44Pablo Hernández1022Spain
45Antony Burgos2012Venezuela
46Yadira Carreño1002 Basque Country
47Beñat García1021Basque Country
48Alberto Sobrado1011Basque Country
49Ana1011Basque Country
50Eder Martín1011Basque Country
51Esteban Garcia1011Basque Country
52Ibone Armendariz1011Basque Country
53Isabella1011Basque Country
55Javier Alonso1001Basque Country


-At least 3 players have to participate to be a ranked tournament. 3 or more than 3.
-The winner of each game will get as many points as the number of players. If there are 3 players,  3 points;4 players, 4 points; and  5 players, 5 points…… The second one will get one point less, and the last one always one point.

-If they play just one round, this “tournament”also will be ranked. But it is preferable to play two rounds. In the national tournament of the Cohort it will be necessary to play at least 2 rounds although they use just board game board game (3-5 players).
-The single matches could be ranked if one of the players write the results and he or shed sends it to the website of the World Ranking. It is important to take a photos to send them with the results.
-All of groups of each countries or nations will organize every year a national tournament of Cohort. They will play at least two rounds.
-System of the tournaments: if there are two groups (A and B) the best two players of each group will play together in the second round, and the 2 worst players of each group together in the next round. If there are from 3 to 5 players they will play just one match, but if it is necessary (a national tournament) they will play two games, the same players.
-We will try to promote the game in each country or region.

You can always check info about the game here.