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Hoyuk Tournament – Rules

I.Basque Tournament of Hoyuk


1.match  November 2017

1-Egoitz Campo 3 points (18)

2-Garikoitz Casquero 2 points  (14)

3-Iker Pardo  1 point  (9)


I.Basque Tournament of Hoyuk

Classification of the Tournament
PositionPlayerMatchesWinVictory pointsPoints for the rankingNation
`1Egoitz Campo14514241Basque Country
2Imanol García11310424Basque Country
3Kepa Sánchez424712Basque Country
4Diego Álvarez314911Basque Country
5Garikoitz Casquero323410Basque Country
6Ana223210Basque Country
7Mikel Buzkaia21397Basque Country
8Lisandra Cruz30226Basque Country
9Julen Maestro21156Basque Country
10Ander López20245Basque Country
11Jon Ander Gil30175Basque Country
12Ivan Sánchez20175Basque Country
13Xabier Hurtado20155Basque Country
14Unai Castellano10145Basque Country
15Javier Camarero11105Basque Country
16Daniel Santos2074Basque Country
17Javier Alonso30124Basque Country
18Hector10113Basque Country
19David Avilés1023Basque Country
20Jon Matti Lampas10152Basque Country
21Iker Pardo20132Basque Country
22Armold Welfard1092Colombia
23Pablo Pérez1082Basque Country
24Nerea Urkijo1052Basque Country
25Felipe Haase1042Basque Country
26Mónica Moral1091Basque Country
27Eva Gonzalez1051Basque Country
28Emanuel Da Silva1041Basque Country


-At least 3 players have to participate to be a ranked tournament. 3 or more than 3.
-The winner of each game will get as many points as the number of players. If there are 3 players,  3 points;4 players, 4 points; and  5 players, 5 points…… The second one will get one point less, and the last one always one point.
-If they play just one round, this “tournament”also will be ranked. But it is preferable to play two rounds. In the national tournament of the Hoyuk it will be necessary to play at least 2 rounds although they use just board game board game (3-5 players).
-The single matches could be ranked if one of the players write the results and he or shed sends it to the website of the World Ranking. It is important to take a photos to send them with the results.
-All of groups of each countries or nations will organize every year a national tournament of Hoyuk. They will play at least two rounds.
-System of the tournaments: if there are two groups (A and B) the best two players of each group will play together in the second round, and the 2 worst players of each group together in the next round. If there are from 3 to 5 players they will play just one match, but if it is necessary (a national tournament) they will play two games, the same players.
-We will try to promote the game in each country or region.

You can always check info about the game here.