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Pending Online Orders – Current Status for Sleeves and Games

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  1. “I would like to inquire about order #3367. I have never received these items:

    Order: 3367
    Product Quantity Price
    12 Realms-Ancestors Legacy: Dark Lords Pack
    1 $19.90
    12 Realms: Promo Invaders Set
    1 $3.90
    Subtotal: $23.80
    Shipping: $10.00 via Table Rate Shipping
    Payment Method: PayPal
    Total: $33.80”

  2. “And what about orders above 5065? I have order #5735 and after sending several emails to magecompanyinfo@gmail.com I don’t receive any reply. This is really frustrating.”

  3. “Hi,

    I have ordered Aether Captains about 2 years ago and have already paid for the game es well.
    Is there any chance to receive the gameö this year?


  4. “I know you are currently busy, but is there any news about my January shop order #5104? I sent in e-mails about it (as I have been following your updates and I knew it was one of the lost orders), and was told that it should be shipping with the next batch in early June. Has anything changed since then? Can I get an updated timeline if possible? Thank you.”

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