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Updated Sleeves Finder List

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  1. “Any chance of getting my kickstarter sleeves from years ago?”

  2. “I’ll ask the same as Lisa,

    Will we received our sleeves from the kickstarter?”

    • “We apologize for the whole long waiting. I don’t know how much you have read from our updates. Very shortly we took a big financial damage that creates a lot of issues. Therefore we froze for a long time. Normally we would complete way earlier. Yes the remaining pledges will be delivered shortly. We had to work totally out of MAGE in order to recover the damage and reverse all the issues we had to deal. Most of these stuff have been fixed and we will begin shortly to close our pending orders. After that we will proceed into a big announcement. The company is not closed and in no way we have not taken your funds in order to deliver nothing.”

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